7 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Business Promotion

7 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Business Promotion

Promotional gift items are important as they add a personal touch to your interaction with your clients. They are essential for you to show a positive image of your company to your client and also help you show your clients that you care about their comfort and want to maintain healthy relationships with them. So, what are the best corporate gift ideas?

Here are the 7 best corporate gift ideas for your business promotion.

7 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Business Promotion

#1 Button Badges / Collar Pins

Button badges or collar pins are great products to gift to your clients as they are simple, classic, and let your client add a chic accessory to their bags or clothes all the while appreciating the gesture of your company giving them a gift.

Another thing your vendor should help you with is customizing these pins to suit your brand’s message, logo, and color schemes. This should allow you to gain increased outreach as well since your client will be showing your logo to the world when they will be using it as an accessory. When it comes to the best corporate gift ideas, this is definitely one of the unique ones.

#2 Coasters / Mousepad

Giving corporate gifts is all about maintaining healthy relationships with your clients while gifting them something useful. And coasters or mousepads are a standard gift with high usability. Make sure that your corporate gifts supplier makes them of good quality while keeping them waterproof.

Keeping them waterproof is a must since the main purpose of these two things is to ensure carefree use. Coasters are supposed to provide a place for you to place your mug, cup, or water bottle so that the table underneath it doesn’t get water stains. Mousepads also allow for extra usability as they help your client use their computer mouse easily.

Simply have your corporate gift vendor add your brand’s logo or color scheme to the coasters and mousepads, and use these best corporate gifts to give to your client to show them that you care about them and their interaction with your brand.

#3 Fan

Now, of course, this does not refer to those large-sized fans. Consider getting your client a hand fan or a small electric fan for them to use when they are feeling hot in their office, for example.

These fans, while housing your company’s identity, should be compact enough to fit into a handbag without taking up much space as their main purpose should be their ability to travel with the client.

Have your corporate gift provider design your logo on the base of the fans, or the corners of the blades for enhanced brand representation and to remind the client that your company provided them with a useful gift.

#4 Keychains

Keychains are another great example of usability. Everyone in the world uses a keychain as it helps its user to place multiple keys in one place and carry them easily. This is another one on our list of best corporate gift ideas.

Simply ask your corporate gifts supplier to design them uniquely so that they properly portray your brand’s identity while still offering high serviceability to your client.

So, every time your client will be using the keychain to unlock their car, house, or anything else, they will be reminded of their wonderful experience with your company. Keychains are tools that not only act as great door gifts but also grant you free advertising opportunities as the client’s friend or colleagues might see the logo of your brand on it too.

#5 Notebooks

This is one of the best corporate gift ideas as it provides great usability. A notebook is yet another thing that several people use worldwide. You can have your logo printed on the front and back covers for brand representation. The pages can also have tiny designs or texts on their corners with your company’s color composition and color schemes incorporated.

Have your corporate gift vendor create a trendy bag with a pen or two to go along with the notebook.

#6 Post-It Pad

Post-it pads are used in the office regularly and would act as good door gifts too. Make sure your logo is represented on the cover of the post-it notes.

A beautiful idea would be to design the post-it pads according to your color schemes. This could be done by creating an ombre pattern through all of the notes in one pad. This should create a creative brand impression on your client’s mind while also appreciating the note pad that you gifted to them.

#7 Torchlight

Torchlights are affordable, easy to use, and are brilliant promotional corporate gifts. Your client may need to use one when there is a sudden blackout at their home or at the office too. This is really one of the best corporate gift ideas.

Ask your corporate gift provider to make them of the best possible quality to ensure your clients’ satisfaction while also allowing them to use the torchlights when the need arises. They should also be of small sizes so that they can easily fit into an office drawer, a handbag, or a laptop bag so that the client can carry it with themselves too.


To conclude, once done dealing with business, gift your clients useful, elegant, and stylish promotional gifts to show them that you appreciate them choosing your services and that they were willing to work with you. Above are 7 best corporate gift ideas for you to help ensure showing a friendly gesture to your clients. Every time you are looking for the best corporate gift ideas, just come to us here at Tj Products & Technology!