ESTA Multi-purpose Air & Surface Disinfectant


ES-TA Multi-purpose disinfectant, which features a perfect combination of 70% ethanol and a naturally derived antimicrobial for enhanced effectiveness and lasting protection for up to 24 hours, is your solution to personal, home and business sanitizing woes.

This disinfectant is specially formulated to be non-toxic and safe for use for common contact surfaces. It has been tested by in lab facilities and third party testing agency – Intertek Testing Service to be effective, for up to 24 hours, on different surfaces under JIS Z 2801 standard. These surfaces include:

Aluminum (Metal)
Test Certifications by third party testing agencies:

ASTM E2315 (60s) – Surface sanitizer antimicrobial efficacy
ASTM E2315 (18 h) – Surface sanitizer antimicrobial efficacy
JIS Z 2801 – Surface sanitizer practical efficacy

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