Lister T-Lightweight Massage Gun



Lister T-Lightweight Massage Gun (Up To 12 Months Warranty)
RPM : 1800-3200
Charge time – 1.5hours
Usage duration: 3-4hrs
Speed – 1.30
Weight – 850g
Battery Dc – 12v
Amplitude – 10mm
Size – 23×6.5×16.5

Trusted By Military Soldiers And Sport Athlete.

Why Choose Our Massage Gun?

1. Up To 12 Months Local Warranty

2. 7 Years In The Medical Health Industry Since 2013

3. 1 To 1 Brand New Set Exchange On The Spot, No Repair!

4. Noise Level Range From 30DB To 50DB – The Lowest In The Market.

5. Our Screws are used with Salt Spray To Prevent the Screws from Loosening after Prolong Usage.
This is a crucial step that is Ignored by many Manufacturers.