Wireless Charging Pad

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Qi Standard Ultra-Slim UFO Shape Fantasy Crystal Clear Wireless Charger Charging stand Pad with LED lighting Charging Pad.

Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Ultra-Slim UFO Shape Fantasy Crystal Clear Wireless Charging Pad with LED lighting is the solution to all the inconvenience. The Wireless Charging pad utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology that eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. Portable and user-friendly product. Compact design & Easy to carry, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on the pad. The stand is designed to allow use of your device while charging, propping it up so you can navigate music, review notifications and answer calls without having to interrupt charging.

How to Use: Connect the charging pad to your device’s charging cable and then place your phone on the stand. That’s it… Charging started. the Led light blinks during charging. If the phone doesn’t start to charge, try to re-position it.

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